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Synod: response to Diocese

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As part of the synodal process we have submitted our responses to the Archdiocese where it has been collated with other responses to form the Dublin synod report. That full report can be accessed here.

Thank you to all who took part in the various gatherings and also those who gave input via email and our drop box. A summary of the responses are shown below.


Synod Feedback

                                                     THE JOYS

Sacraments & ceremonies- Family  Mass, meaningful sermons, Music, flowers, the presence of God

Community-local mostly but also  the universal community of the church .The support and comfort that this brings

Faith formation from childhood

The performance of so many good works( Fr Mc Verry, Br Kevin etc ) and the work of groups in our parish

The positive leadership of the current Pope & his struggle to bring change

That Christianity is alive & thriving at the actual coalface (but rarely in the institutions unfortunately}


The lack of vocations and the collapse in the numbers of priests. The feeling that a root cause of this is celibacy and also the refusal to countenance the role of women priests. This last one was especially mentioned

Falling attendance and especially the lack of young people. There is a feeling that this is not being addressed

The Clerical abuse scandals & the way they were handled

Resistance to change within the hierarchy of the Church. Feeling of “Lots of talk but very little action”

There was an expression that Catholic Education is no longer being carried out in schools or in the home

That the Church continues to repeat the mistakes of the Jewish faith from the Bible – to be rule bound, regulation bound and to ignore the spirit & example of Christ’s actual teaching

                                                                                    THE HOPES

The Pope & his struggles against an “ out of touch Curia” to effect much needed change in the Church

Lay participation in the Church

Christ’s eternal teachings & that they will prevail.

The Synodal process & that people are being asked their opinion

That priests being allowed to marry and women being allowed to assume their role as priests will bring about a rise in vocations

That we continue on despite the many setbacks, the derision of the media etc.

That children are still presented for Baptism, First Holy Communion & Confirmation


The Church will die due to lack of priests and the apathy of the community  & that young people will have nothing (no Rock, No hope, no support )

Constant negative publicity, the derision of the media and even apathy makes it unlikely young people will get involved

That this synod will not be listened to & that there will be no change. That  “an out of touch”  Church pays lip service to change but resists it

That the needs of young people are not being addressed

That the role of women in ministry will continue to be resisted and ignored

They fear that gay people and divorced people will continue to be marginalised

                                                                       REFLECTION QUESTIONS

  • People feel that the Church is dying & will not be there for their children. They love their Church and are dismayed by this. They feel that lack of Church will have adverse effects on young people
  • People feel that the lack of vocations could be reversed with the reversal of the present stance on celibacy and on women priests. They also believe that this would go some way to address falling attendances. One contribution from a woman stated that she “ refused to encourage her young girls to participate in an organisation in which they would be second class members”.
  • People love the sense of community which the Church has to offer and draw strength from it. They are keen for continued and widened lay involvement.

There was also a strand which felt that we were far too rule & regulation bound and not enough “spirit of Christianity” centred


That the Universal Church no longer bar access to any ministry in the Church on grounds of gender or marital status

Meaningful lay involvement is now needed asap – priest shortage is a crisis; however lay people need training to assume a meaningful role.

People are Church, so support a program in developing a new model of Church. Their new model :

One where compassion is evident, where we continue to seek answers, where all feel welcome, where love is at the heart of all – just as Jesus intended. We should take out everything that isn’t Jesus. A Church like this would be modelled on the Early Church.

To build on the Joys by developing that which is already present and gives joy .A Church which seeks to provide for the Spiritual needs for all as opposed to a “one size fits all “Church.

That the support for good works in the parish should be central.