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Simply Synod

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Simply Synod resource, click here
This resource is for anyone who wants to discover the meaning of being a synodal Church. Informed by the Preparatory Document for a Synodal Church, it is for use in the Diocesan Phase of the Synodal Pathway. It outlines the meaning of synod and its implications for how we are as a Church. It encourages us to develop the right disposition and attitudes to embark on the journey.It also provides some suggestions about the kind of listening we will need to practice together. It is complimented by short video clips (coming soon) on the Dublin Archdiocese website.
These videos speak to the themes of:
  • Change and calling upon the Holy Spirit
  • Synodality and Synodal Process
  • Attitudes and Dispositions we bring to the Process
  • Listening, Dialogue and Discernment
  • The Ten Informing Themes for Synodality