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PPC response – Building Hope

As you are aware all parishioners have been invited by the Archbishop to offer their opinions on building the future of our parishes and the diocese. (see the link on “Building Hope – Your opinion” or go straight to the diocesan website www.dublindiocese.ie) Responses are requested by 18th July.

All parish pastoral councils have also been asked as a group to submit responses to a similar set of questions from the task force. The PPC submitted responses last week and below is a copy of these responses for your information.

Q.1 Name of Parish and PPC chairperson.

Q.2 What can we do now to ensure that we will be a vibrant faith community in 10 years’ time?
Continuing the social aspect of the church, including younger volunteers. Provide a welcoming church. Be ecumenical. Be Inclusive. Have improved communication with families and parents. Have nourishing Liturgies. Have an improved Parish Centre. Have better communication between parish groups. Have a Social Media plan.

Q.3 List 3 things in your Parish life today that you appreciate most
We have the support of parishioners, a Priest and regular Liturgies. We have good ecumenical spirit. We have the engagement of lay people in the church. We have a good community spirit. We have a good number of parish groups, the parish social and an on-line presence.

Q.4 What are the top three pastoral priorities for your PPC/Finance Committee?
1. To have a Pastoral leadership plan for the next 5-10 years, including the delivery of new programmes and delivery of support for pastoral leadership and the clergy.
2. A communications strategy, including engagement with the community and having better communication between parish groups and the PPC. To develop new Social Media.
3. To encourage young volunteers to join parish groups.

Q.5 What supports or resources would best assist you as a council/committee focused on the pastoral needs of your parishioners?
To have a Management Team, including a Pastoral Leader. To have skilled youth workers/catechists. To support ideas/materials that would develop outreach programmes. Parish database. Annual conference with the PPC. Access to Diocesan support. Training programmes for parishioners. Networking with other parishes. List of speakers available to parishes. Better contact with the Diocese.

Q.6 Archbishop Farrell is asking for your input. What would you like to say?
Keep developing zoom and webinar communications. Develop a Management structure. Develop Liturgy resources. Develop the role of Deacons and Lay Ministers. Team leadership, not a lay elite. Encourage the inclusion of all people, regardless of marital status, sexual orientation etc. Encourage the use of music in the church. Where does the Diocese see the faith community in 10 years’ time? Do continue the Building Hope consultation – develop a Diocesan Pastoral Council and collaborate with the national Synod process.