Eucharistic Adoration

Eucharistic Adoration is a service in which we actively pray to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. There is no definitive structure to the prayer, rather it is a time to reflect in the peace of our Lord’s presence. Further information is available in the PDF below.

Adoration leaflet WEB 2020-01-18

Christian Meditation

*To be updated following consultation with group*

Reform And Renewal

The Howth Parish Reform and Renewal Group (the R&R group) was formed in 2010 following the publication of the Murphy and Ryan Reports into clerical sex abuse and abuse in institutions run by the catholic church.  The aim of the group is to provide a forum where people can discuss issues impacting on the future of our church, in particular how reform can be achieved and how the lay faithful can be enabled to play a full, meaningful role in reforming the church. Group meetings are publicised in the Parish Newsletter and are open to everyone.

During the Covid Pandemic while restrictions on public meetings are in place, R&R meetings will be conducted ‘online’ via Zoom.