Welcome to Howth Parish Church


Howth Church was built in 1899 in the Hiberno-Romanesque style. This is visible in several architectural features including the gargoyles, the granite columns, and the vaulted ceilings. Depictions of the Stations of the Cross adorn the walls of the Church, whilst the windows illustrate biblical scenes through stained glass. To learn more about the history of Howth Church please read the PDF below.

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Mary Garden

Upon entrance to the front gates of Howth Church you will encounter our Mary Garden. This is a small sacred garden filled with flowers. It is named for Mary and allows us to experience the beauty of God’s creation while inviting us to prayer. Further information is available in the PDF below.

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Restoration/Repair Works

We are currently refurbishing our Church. Works completed to date include replacing pews, re-lead windows exhibiting distress and installation of wheelchair ramp and automatic door to make the Church more accessible.

There is still a variety of works outstanding including restoring plasterwork and painting, re-lead remaining windows and updating guttering. We welcome your continued support of this process.