Chapter 6 of John’s gospel is a reflection on the Eucharist; “the bread of life”. During this summer (year B in the Lectionary cycle) we read from this chapter of John’s gospel.

The diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnois have prepared a resource reflecting on the Eucharist. This year, after the  experience of Covid 19 restrictions, some might see the Celebration of Eucharist in a different way.

Fr. Kiernan O Mahony, an Augustinian Priest from Dublin, and expert on this passage of scripture has prepared the notes for this reflection which can be used for Lectio Divina or scripture study over these weeks.

The text is rich enough to be used at any time of year for a group that would be interested to study this more.

Download:  PDF 

Fr. Kieran has also prepared notes on John 6 are accompanied by video presentations available here: